No Compromise on National Dignity and Honor, Asserts Ishaq Dar

“Ishaq Dar: Civil and Military Leadership United Against Miscreants, Ensuring Justice for 9 May Incidents”

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar addressing the press, discussing national economy and government's commitment to justice and progress."

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Mohammad Ishaq Dar, reiterated the unified stance of the civil and military leadership against the miscreants involved in the incidents of 9 May, assuring that they will be brought to justice.

In an interview with a private news channel, Minister Ishaq Dar condemned the aforementioned incidents and emphasized the government’s dedication to strengthening the national economy. He urged all stakeholders to actively participate and play their roles in this collective endeavor.

Taking a critical stance towards the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Dar accused the party of pushing the country to the brink of default during their governance. However, he acknowledged that the current administration prioritized saving the nation rather than focusing solely on securing votes.

Highlighting the need for unity and collaboration, the finance minister stressed that all individuals must work together to overcome the crisis caused by the previous government’s flawed policies. He called on the PTI to recognize the detrimental effects of their divisive politics, not only for the present but also for the future of Pakistan.

Expressing his concern, Dar urged Imran Khan, the leader of PTI, to win the trust of the nation, state institutions, and armed forces. He emphasized the importance of proving that national interests are prioritized over any foreign agenda, in order to ensure a prosperous future for Pakistan.

In conclusion, Ishaq Dar emphasized the unwavering commitment of the government to uphold the dignity and honor of the country. He highlighted the collective efforts required to address challenges, unite the nation, and move forward on the path of progress and prosperity.

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