President Urges Business and Industrial Sectors to Embrace AI Solutions

"President Arif Alvi addressing a delegation from the Artificial Intelligence Education Foundation (AIEF), discussing the adoption of AI solutions for enhanced efficiency and productivity in business and industrial sectors."

ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi has emphasized the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions by Pakistan’s business and industrial sectors to enhance their efficiency and productivity. He highlighted the tremendous opportunities that have emerged due to advancements in information technology and urged IT companies to adopt a global outlook in order to fully benefit from these opportunities.

During a meeting with the delegation from the Artificial Intelligence Education Foundation (AIEF) at Aiwan-e-Sadr, President Alvi emphasized the significance of partnerships between academia, industries, and IT companies at both local and international levels. He emphasized that robust collaborations among stakeholders in academia and industry would play a pivotal role in achieving key economic and technological milestones.

The President stressed the importance of promoting skills-based education in Pakistan and equipping the youth with employable skills through online courses and short-term associate degree programs. He has consistently urged stakeholders to produce more skilled graduates, invest in emerging technologies, and make timely decisions for the IT sector.

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President Alvi highlighted the potential of AI-based solutions to address challenges in various sectors. He noted that AI could help deliver personalized education and lessons to the approximately 27 million out-of-school children in Pakistan, saving significant time and resources. By harnessing AI technologies, the education sector can cater to the individual needs of students and ensure inclusive access to quality education.

The delegation from AIEF briefed the President about their mission to promote AI-based industry solutions on a large scale. They discussed the diverse applications of AI and its potential benefits for various sectors of the economy. President Alvi appreciated the efforts of AIEF in promoting AI in partnership with local universities and encouraged them to expand their outreach and scope of work.

In conclusion, President Arif Alvi has called for the adoption of AI solutions by Pakistan’s business and industrial sectors. He has emphasized the importance of partnerships, skills-based education, and leveraging AI technologies to address societal challenges. By embracing AI, Pakistan can harness the power of technology for economic growth, innovation, and inclusive development.

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