“Harmony on High Seas: China-Pakistan ‘Sea Guardians-3’ Drill Commands Attention”

"KARACHI: Rear Admiral Liang Yang and Yundong Yang, Consul General of China in Karachi, hosted a Deck reception to commemorate the visit of the Chinese Naval Fleet to Karachi. In the photograph, Caretaker Chief Minister Sindh Justice (Retd) Maqbool Baqar, caretaker Home Minister Sindh Brig Haris Nawaz, Vice Admiral Muhammad Faisal Abbasi, the Commander of Pakistan Fleet, and other Naval Officers are visible during the rendition of the national anthems of both countries. — Staff Photo

Expanding Maritime Collaboration: Sea Guardians-3 Joint Exercise Marks Third Bilateral Naval Endeavor

Karachi, Pakistan – In a significant display of the enduring friendship and strategic partnership between China and Pakistan, the navies of both nations inaugurated the “Sea Guardians-3” joint maritime exercise at the Karachi Naval Dockyard. Rear Admiral Liang Yang and Vice Admiral Muhammad Faisal Abbasi, Commanders of the Chinese and Pakistani navies, respectively, led the opening ceremony, emphasizing the commitment to fortifying their all-weather strategic cooperative partnership.

Strengthening Combat Proficiency through Diverse Drills

The joint exercise, now in its third edition, focuses on enhancing the practical combat proficiency of the Chinese and Pakistani militaries. The drills cover a range of subjects, including formation movement, search and rescue operations, and anti-submarine activities. Rear Admiral Liang Yang, Guest of Honour and Commander of Qingdao Naval Base, expressed gratitude to the Pakistan Navy for hosting the exercise and anticipated a mutually beneficial and professionally rewarding experience.

Diplomatic Engagement and Networking

Following the joint maritime exercise, Admiral Liang Yang, leading the Chinese naval fleet’s visit to Karachi, co-hosted a Deck reception with the Consul General of China in Karachi. The event, attended by Justice Maqbool Baqar, Chief Minister of Sindh, and other dignitaries, showcased the diplomatic ties between the two nations.

Annual Military Cooperation Plan Unveiled

Consul General Yang Yundong, in a welcoming speech, announced the annual military cooperation plan between China and Pakistan, set to unfold with the commencement of the “Sea Guardians-3” joint exercise in the northern Arabian Sea. Yundong emphasized meticulous coordination and extensive communication between the Chinese and Pakistani Navies to ensure the smooth execution of various activities during the exercise.

Deepening Bilateral Relations

Reflecting on the 72-year progress of China-Pakistan relations, Yundong highlighted the unwavering support the countries have provided each other on core issues related to sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity. The Consul General praised the sustained development in various fields of pragmatic cooperation, citing achievements in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), infrastructure development, and industrial cooperation.

Commitment to an Upgraded CPEC

Yundong emphasized the commitment to building an “upgraded version” of CPEC, focusing on growth, livelihood enhancement, innovation, green initiatives, and inclusivity. Positive outcomes in the security sector were noted, referencing initiatives proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, such as the Global Security Initiative, Global Development Initiative, and Global Civilization Initiative.

Advancing Comprehensive Security Initiatives

The Global Security Initiative advocates for a path of security characterized by dialogue, partnership, and win-win cooperation. Yundong reiterated China’s dedication to common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.

Future Outlook and Collaboration

The Consul General touched upon the success of the recent Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, expressing commitment to enhancing strategic mutual trust, promoting traditional friendship, and deepening mutually beneficial cooperation. Military ties were highlighted as crucial in overall China-Pakistan relations, with Yundong expressing support for the two navies to maintain the momentum of mutual visits and exchanges, deepening cooperation in training, joint exercises, and other areas.

Best Wishes for ‘Sea Guardian-3’ Success

In conclusion, Yang Yundong extended his best wishes for the success of the upcoming China-Pakistan “Sea Guardian-3” joint maritime exercise, affirming its positive contribution to peace and prosperity in the region and the wider world. The event serves as a testament to the strong and enduring military collaboration between China and Pakistan.

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