‘Why would Salman gift a house worth 10 crores’, Bipasha had received Bhaijaan’s blessings, the actress wanted to take him on honeymoon!

New Delhi. Bipasha Basu and Salman Khan share a very good bonding. It is said that whenever Bipasha got into trouble, Bhaijaan supported her. Let us tell you that Bipasha married Karan Singh Grover on April 30, 2016 and the couple welcomed Devi in ​​November 2022. Salman Khan also attended Karan-Bipasha’s wedding. He blessed both of them to always be happy together.

After attending Bipasha and Karan’s wedding, Salman had a small interaction with the media. Salman jokingly answered about his marriage conditions. Bipasha also joined in the joke and teased Salman about marriage. Bipasha said that her biggest wish came true as Salman Khan attended her wedding, jokingly saying that he is joining them on their honeymoon as well.

After attending the wedding, Salman had congratulated Bipasha. He had said- the couple looks very good together, and I hope their relationship remains strong.

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