Why is Shahrukh Khan hiding from the media? He has not faced any paparazzi since 2021, this is the shocking reason

Mumbai. Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been away from the media and paparazzi since 2021. Shah Rukh has been avoiding cameras, hiding under umbrellas and not posing for the media at events and parties. Last year he had blockbusters like ‘Pathan’, ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Dunky’ and attended the success parties and events related to these films but he was seen avoiding the media and paparazzi in these too. Now a paparazzi has revealed that Shah Rukh is avoiding the media because he is angry with the media over the coverage of his son Aryan Khan’s arrest.

Let us tell you, Aryan was arrested in the ‘cruise drugs case’ in October 2021. He was in police custody for 22 days. Shahrukh met Aryan in jail and was brutally assaulted. Aryan was eventually released and acquitted of his charges. Mumbai-based paparazzi Varinder Chawla spoke openly about Shahrukh and said that he is ‘angry’ with the media.

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Varinder Chawla said in an interview to Hindi Rush, “When ‘Pathan’ was released, my team saw Shahrukh Khan and he sent me the video. But, I did not like it because it seemed like we were violating his privacy. And Shahrukh seemed angry.”

Shahrukh Khan with son Aryan Khan and daughter Suhana Khan. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @iamsrk)

Shahrukh Khan’s privacy was violated

Varinder Chawla further said, “Then I called Shahrukh’s PR, told him about the video recorded by my team. Told him that I will not use it. And apologized to him on behalf of my team for violating his privacy. You will not believe me, immediately after my call, I got a call from Shahrukh’s manager, who first thanked me and then told me that Shahrukh wants to talk to me.”

shahrukh khan angry with media

Varinder Chawla further said, “I was shocked. From running behind his car to get a glimpse of him to getting his call, it all seemed very unreal. I said, ‘Anytime’. We spoke for more than five minutes. He was very sad, upset at that time, we did not care about it. We just kept complaining that Shah Rukh does not give us pictures and always hides his face. He is angry with the media for what they did to his son.”

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