When Ranbir Kapoor snatched the photographer’s phone | When Ranbir Kapoor snatched the photographer’s phone: He scolded the boss, he was angry because he was chasing his car at night

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The love-hate relationship between Bollywood celebs and paparazzi remains in the headlines. Sometimes celebs do not mind getting their pictures clicked, but sometimes there are occasions when celebs get angry at the paps. Recently, in an interview, Bollywood paparazzi Varinder Chawla shared some things about Ranbir Kapoor. He told that once Ranbir snatched the phone of the photographer in anger because he was following him.

Ranbir snatches the phone and scolds his boss

Varinder said in the interview, ‘It was 10-12 years ago. One of our photographers was following Ranbir for photos at night. Ranbir was going somewhere, I don’t know where Ranbir was going but when the photographer started following him, he stopped his car and asked what he was doing. Apart from this, he asked the photographer who his boss was. Then he snatched the photographer’s phone and said go and tell your boss to talk to me. Then the photographer called me from another number and told me that Ranbir had snatched his phone.’

Varinder further said, ‘Then I called Ranbir and he scolded me a lot. After this he called me again between 2:30 and 3 in the night and said that he is returning home and the photographer can take his phone back from him. He was angry at first but later calmed down. While returning the phone, Ranbir asked the photographer to respect his privacy.’

Ranbir was seen in the film 'Animal' last year.

Ranbir was seen in the film ‘Animal’ last year.

Ranbir is busy shooting for two films

Ranbir was seen in Animal last year. These days he is busy shooting for Nitesh Tiwari’s film ‘Ramayana’. Apart from this, he also has Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Love and War’. This film was announced in February this year. Apart from Ranbir, Vicky Kaushal and Alia Bhatt will also be seen in the film. The film will be released on Christmas in 2025.

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