When I left home, I had only 120 rupees in my pocket | When I left home, I had only 120 rupees in my pocket: Manoj Bajpayee said- Due to depression, I started thinking of suicide

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Actor Manoj Bajpayee, who is known for his brilliant performance, has failed to win the hearts of the audience with his film ‘Bhaiya Ji’. The actor was seen doing tremendous action in this film, but the audience did not like his action. Meanwhile, Manoj, while recalling the early days of his career during an interview, said that when he came to Delhi from Bihar, he had only 120 rupees in his pocket. There came a time when he went into depression and even started thinking of suicide.

Manoj Bajpayee said- I went from Bihar to Delhi by train and my father gave me 120 rupees. That was all I had. Every day in Delhi was a new challenge. Which included room rent, monthly expenses, bus fare, food and going to the theater every day. This was my life for 10 years.

I did not have money to pay for the bus fare so I used to go to NSD (National School of Drama) on foot. I survived with the help of my friends. I had just a kurta, leather slippers and a pair of jeans. I kept all this in a tin box, which I still have. Whatever I had, it fit into that tin box.

Manoj told that since he was from Bihar, language was the biggest challenge for him. He said- I had to learn Hindi and English. There was a professor in the drama school, she said that first get the language right and then we will rehearse. This was a big shock for me. I got rejected from NSD three times and went into depression. Due to which, thoughts of suicide started coming to my mind.

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