When Amrita Singh addressed joining work post divorce with saif ali khan | Why did she return to films after divorce from Saif?: Amrita Singh had said- ‘I did not want the children to consider me a loser, it would have had a bad effect on them’

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Amrita Singh, one of the hit Bollywood actresses of the 80s and 90s, was once in the news due to her divorce from actor Saif Ali Khan. In an old interview, she talked about the changes in her life after the divorce. In an interview given to Zoom TV, she told why she returned to films after the divorce.

I didn’t want kids to think of me as a loser: Amrita

Amrita had said, I had to get over everything as quickly as possible because I did not want my children to think that they are living with a parent who is a loser. I mean if I had stayed at home and kept blaming the circumstances, becoming fat and cursing myself for the bad times, it would have had a bad effect on my children. They would have grown up with the thought that I have lost in life due to difficulties, which is not what I wanted.

Amrita and Saif with son Ibrahim and daughter Sara.

Amrita and Saif with son Ibrahim and daughter Sara.

Sara also talked about upbringing

In an interview, Sara Ali Khan talked about growing up with a single mother. She said, I think growing up with a single mother has had a deep impact on my life. At a very young age, I realized that no one is going to do anything for you. It is not that I did not get help, I should get help but ultimately you have to move your life forward. If you are lucky and God is with you then things will happen but you cannot wait for everything to be fine.

Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan.

Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan.

Divorced from Amrita in 2004

Saif and Amrita Singh got married in 1991. They had two children, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. They got divorced in 2004 and Amrita Singh got the custody of both the children, whom she raised as a single mother. After marrying Saif, Amrita distanced herself from films and started focusing on the family, but after the divorce, she returned to films.

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