War scene shot with 10000 people, Sarya’s powerful look goes viral, ready to clash with Bobby Deol

New Delhi: The film ‘Kanguva’ has everything that makes it an international quality film. Everything about ‘Kanguva’ is very exciting, but the main attraction that has caught everyone’s attention is the historical and war-themed setting shown in the posters and teaser of the film. ‘Kanguva’ is actually a unique experience, which the audience has never got to experience before.

The makers have made every possible effort to make ‘Kanguva’ a cinematic spectacle for the global audience. His biggest achievement is the impressive war sequence. The teaser reveals that the film has intense war scenes and is set in two time periods, one of which is the prehistoric era.

Bobby Deol is playing a great character
A source associated with the production gave interesting information about the war sequences in the film. The source said, ‘Studio Green, director Shiva and the entire team worked very carefully on every part of the war scenes to match the theme. The film has the biggest war sequence, in which Surya Shivkumar, Bobby Deol and more than 10,000 people are going to be seen. From action and stunts to visualization of entire war scenes, everything has been done with international expertise to present cinematic grandeur.

Plan to release ‘Kanguva’ this year
The world of ‘Kanguva’ will be real and harsh, which will give a new visual experience to the audience. Human emotions, powerful performances and never-before-seen action scenes on a large scale will be the core of the film. The film has cinematography by Vetri Palanisamy and musical score by ‘Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad’. Not only this, Studio Green has joined hands with top distribution houses to release the film worldwide in early 2024. The film is planned to be released in the second half of 2024.

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