‘This film will not do wonders…’ When the actors and directors made faces after seeing Devanand’s film, it created history when it was released.


Devanand is called the evergreen hero of Bollywood. Even many years after his death, youth still try to copy his style. What kind of actor was Devanand, who not only created his own style in Bollywood but also achieved a different position in Bollywood by giving superhit films. You must have heard many stories related to Devanand, but do you know the story of that film, which the actor and director, who saw before its release i.e. at the premiere, said, ‘This film is nothing special, it will not do wonders on screen.’ , but when it was released, the film made a special name not only at the box office but also at the Fair Awards. At the same time, the film also became the official entry of Oscar. Which was that film of Devanand, which broke many records one after the other. Let us tell you…Photo Courtesy- Video Grab

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