This child with disheveled hair and four teeth is a Bollywood superstar, his mother, sister, wife and daughter all have big names, did you recognize him?

New Delhi. Age around 7-8 years, innocent face and scattered hair, four teeth visible while smiling. If you are thinking that this is a normal child, then you are mistaken, sir. If you are a cinema lover, then perhaps you will be able to recognize this picture quickly and if you are not able to recognize, then do not worry, we are here to tell you who is this child who has now become a superstar.

Social media is a platform where nothing is private. Fans of celebrities are far away from them, but through social media they can easily reach their favourite stars. Barring a few stars, even the stars of the 70s have understood the importance of social media. Similarly, a childhood picture of a Bollywood actor is trending on the internet these days. Can you recognise the child in the picture?

Who is this child who has become a star?
If you are unable to recognize this child, then let us give you some information related to him, so that you can guess. This child seen in the photo belongs to a big family. He is the only male actor in his family, but his mother, sister, wife and even daughter are also big names in Bollywood. Mother was the highest paid actress at one time and today wife and daughter also charge crores of rupees from films.

Saif Ali Khan with his second wife Kareena Kapoor Khan, sister-in-law Karisma Kapoor and four children.

this kid is a nawaab
Now you must have understood who this child is in the photo. Yes, you have understood it right, this is none other than Bollywood’s Nawab Saif Ali Khan’s childhood picture, in which he looks very cute. Saif Ali Khan himself is not on social media, but his wife i.e. Kareena Kapoor Khan and sisters Saba and Soha Ali Khan are definitely active on social media and keep sharing posts often.

Saba keeps sharing Saif’s throwback photos
Saba Ali Khan often shares throwback pictures of her film family, while she herself is away from films. Saif Ali Khan first married Amrita Singh, from whom he is divorced. Saif has two children from Amrita – Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. Of these, Sara has already entered Bollywood and has worked in many films so far. At the same time, Ibrahim is also ready to make his debut in Bollywood. On the other hand, Saif’s second wife Kareena Kapoor Khan is herself a big actress of the industry, who has worked with almost all the big stars of the industry.

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