The trailer of ‘Naach Basanti Naach’ is winning hearts, the story of the ‘male dancer’ is hair-raising, people said- ‘Superhit…’

New Delhi: ‘Naach Basanti Naach’ depicts the efforts to preserve the tradition of folk art related to male dance, in which the struggle of three generations of a particular community is presented in a heart-touching manner. The story of the film is so strong that their pain and inner conflict depicted in the film will surely force the audience to think a lot.

It is noteworthy that Dilip Arya has brought alive the dual role of Basant and male dancer Basanti with his powerful acting. Let us tell you that Dilip Arya has not only played his dual role in this film in a touching manner, but he has also directed this film brilliantly. The trailer of the film is shaking the hearts and minds of the audience. They are calling the film a superhit.

With the release of the trailer of ‘Naach Basanti Naach’, the response received from the public has made the film makers very happy. The director of the film, Dilip Arya, who was present during the trailer launch, expressed his happiness and said, ‘We were fully hopeful that the trailer of the film will have a positive impact on people, but we did not realize that people would like the trailer of the film so much. We hope that people will definitely come to the theatres to watch this film made on a very different subject.’

The film is made under the banner of Radium Pictures
The film ‘Nach Basanti Naach’ is a powerful film whose story has been presented in a very touching manner. Apart from Dilip Arya, actors like Riya Kapoor, Jai-Vijay Sachin, Anil Rastogi, Gaurav Kumar, Arvind Jadugar, Vijay Mishra and Manish Joshi will also be seen in important roles in this film. It is noteworthy that along with the story in ‘Nach Basanti Naach’, the music of this film is also a strong aspect of it. The meaningful songs of the film have been written by Ashish Prakash Dinesh ‘Deep’ while the melodious music of the film has been given by Asit Tripathi.

The story of the film is based on male dance
Mukesh Kumar is the writer of ‘Nach Basanti Naach’ based on the story of Viren Yuvraj and Dinesh Deep. Most of the film has been shot at non-film locations of Amouli, Dapasora, Ganga Ka Kinara in Fatehpur district. Let us tell you that this film based on the old tradition of male dance will be released first in the theatres of Uttar Pradesh by PVR Cinema and then later the release of the film will be considered in other places of the country.

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