The Great Indian Kapil Show: ‘Sir I am with you…’ Badshah was in the toilet, fan made a strange demand

New Delhi. Badshah, Karan Aujla and Divine are included in the list of famous rappers. Badshah, Karan Aujla and Divine, who are often in the news for their songs, are going to appear on Netflix India’s show The Great Indian Kapil Show this week to make people laugh. This show is also going to be full entertaining like Kapil’s other episodes. In this episode, Badshah told how a fan made a strange demand from him in the toilet.

It becomes very difficult for celebs to go among the common people. In ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’, rapper Badshah told how he was surprised to hear a strange demand from a fan in the toilet. Karan Aujla took a dig at this, which made people laugh out loud.

The episode will come on Saturday
Actually, Netflix India has launched the promo of the upcoming episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show. The promo gives a glimpse of the upcoming episode of this Saturday. In the promo, Badshah, Karan Aujla and Divine have made people laugh with their talks. While posting the new promo, Netflix India has captioned it – ‘Leave all the work, be it 25 or 50, because this Saturday, the Kohinoors of the rap industry, Badshah, Divine and Karan Aujla are coming to set the stage on fire.’

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