Tahira Kashyap Khurrana To Perform Live For The First Time At Spoken Festival 2024 | People News

New Delhi: Celebrated director, writer, and acclaimed author of works such as “12 Commandments of Being a Woman” and “7 Sins of Being a Mother,” Tahira Kashyap Khurrana is elated for her first ever live performance at the Spoken Festival 2024.

A born storyteller, Tahira’s affinity for storytelling traces back to her childhood, where she effortlessly wove narratives through keen observations bringing to life the purest form of stories. From her well-received short film “Toffee” in 2017, which earned international acclaim, to her directorial debut, “Sharmajee Ki Beti,” premiering at this year’s Jio MAMI film festival, her journey has been marked by significant achievements.

Tahira’s impact on cinema and her commitment to advocating women’s stories make her a formidable force. Her Instagram series, “Stories in My Head,” where she shares slice-of-life tales with humor and cheer, has been a heartwarming success. Now, with her live performance at the Spoken Festival, she completes a full circle, placing “STORIES” at the heart of her artistic expression.

Expressing gratitude, Tahira shares, “Storytelling has been my passion since age 4, evident in my report card. The Spoken Festival holds a special place in my heart, allowing me to break into my own space and share stories from the purest version of myself. Performing live is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. While I’ve shared stories through pre-recorded platforms like ‘Stories in My Head’ and ‘Lockdown Tales,’ this live opportunity is a first. I am thrilled to engage with my audience and do what I love most – telling stories!”

As “Stories in My Head” continues to garner praise, and anticipation builds for Tahira’s feature film debut, “Sharmajee Ki Beti,” her excitement to connect with fans through live performances is palpable. Audiences can look forward to experiencing the joy of simple, relatable, and impactful storytelling in this unique live setting. 

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