T20 World Cup 2024: Anushka Sharma jumped with joy on India’s victory, laughed and clapped, seeing this the fans said- So cute

New Delhi. In the T20 World Cup, India once again achieved a historic victory by defeating Pakistan for the 7th time. India defeated Pakistan in a very exciting match on Sunday. India won by a narrow margin of 6 runs over Pakistan. After this victory, apart from cricket, celebrations are also being held in Bollywood. Bollywood stars are also very happy about this victory. Amidst all this, a video of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is going viral, in which her happiness after India’s victory is worth seeing.

Let us tell you that in this match, Virat Kohli was out after playing just three balls. In such a situation, his wife actress Anushka Sharma, sitting in the stadium, was shocked. After this, she looked very sad during the match. However, she enjoyed the match. But after some time Anushka Sharma’s reaction changed on Team India’s victory. She jumped with joy and started congratulating the people around her. Her reaction is worth watching.

This video of Anushka has been shared by one of her fans on his X account. While sharing it, the user wrote- Anushka Sharma is shining as always. In the video, you can see how happy Anushka is while cheering for India. Whereas a little while ago she was looking a little upset and sad when her husband Virat Kohli was out. But as soon as India won, her expressions changed and she jumped with joy. After this, she celebrated India’s victory by clapping.

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