Salman Khan himself did not leave this blockbuster film, did the director reject it? The truth came out after 16 years

New Delhi. Salman Khan Salman Khan has given many hit, superhit and blockbuster films in his career. However, he rejected many films without thinking. A similar scene was seen in the year 2008. When Aamir Khan’s first blockbuster film Ghajini was released on the silver screen. This film was loved immensely by the audience. This film proved to be a box office success. Let us tell you, this film of Aamir was a remake of a Tamil film and the name of that film was also ‘Ghajini’. However, you will be surprised to know that the first choice for this film was not Aamir but Salman Khan.

Now, 16 years after the release of the film Ghajini, the film’s villain Pradeep Rawat has given the reason why Salman Khan could not be a part of the film. While talking to Siddharth Kanan, Pradeep shared a lot about the film Ghajini. He told that the film’s director AR Murugadoss wanted an actor who was calm. In such a situation, Pradeep talked about taking Aamir Khan in the film instead of Salman. He also said that he did not want to do this film with ‘angry’ Salman, hence ‘calm natured’ Aamir Khan seemed perfect for the role of this film.

Why couldn’t Salman fit in the film?
When Pradeep was asked in the interview why Salman was not fit for this role! So he mentioned the statement of AR Murugadoss which he had told him. Pradeep said ‘I want to make it (Ghajini) in Hindi, I want to make it in Hindi…’ I thought in my mind ‘Salman is angry and AR Murugadoss doesn’t speak in English or Hindi, then he has no personality either. Was.

Lots of praise for Aamir Khan
Pradeep says that he had suggested his name to the director only after doing the film ‘Sarfarosh’ (1999) with Aamir Khan. Pradeep liked the calm behavior of Aamir Khan very much. That’s why they felt that Aamir would be the right choice for this role because he has a calm nature and treats everyone with respect. In the last 25 years, he has not seen Aamir shouting or screaming at anyone. He never insulted anyone or used foul language. That’s why they thought that by nature Salman cannot be controlled, otherwise there will be unnecessary problems.

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