Salman Khan helped Fardeen Khan during his unemployment! He also met Mukesh Chhabra, the actor said- ‘It’s been a long break’

Mumbai. Fardeen Khan has made a great comeback with the web series ‘Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar’. Even though his screen space was less, he has won the hearts of the people with his screen presence and acting. He is being praised everywhere. He has returned to the world of acting after almost 14 years. Fardeen said in a recent interview that he was getting offers at that time, but he did not do it and he regrets it. He moved away from Mumbai, due to which the filmmakers felt that he is no longer interested in acting etc.

Fardeen Khan said in an interview to Pinkvilla, “I had completely left. I used to come back to Mumbai in a few months, but I just left. Yes, there were offers at that time, till 2014-15, but after that, people assumed that I had left the country. This is a perception that I am still trying to change.”

Fardeen Khan further said, “I live in India, I live outside here now, this is my home. But the perception was the same earlier too, and it was right too because I used to stay here very little then. For a while, I kept getting offers, but then I gained a lot of weight and it was a signal to people that hey, it is confirmed that he is not interested in acting.”

Fardeen Khan said, “I regret taking such a long break of 12 years. It is a big regret. It was not planned, but I wish the gap was at least 6-7 years. I needed some time off after losing my father and also for my personal reasons.” After returning to India, Fardeen Khan tried to restart his career. He was in touch with Salman Khan.

Fardeen Khan said, “It feels good that people have not forgotten you, people still want to see your work. I have been in touch with Salman to a great extent. I also met Mukesh Chhabra. I am now trying to convince people that I am in India and am ready to work.” After Hiramandi, Fardeen will be seen in the comedy ‘Khel Khel Mein’ with Akshay Kumar and Taapsee Pannu.

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