Raveena Tandon’s car hit some women? CCTV footage reveals the truth, know the truth

New Delhi. Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon is in the news these days due to a controversy. On Sunday morning, news came that Raveena’s driver allegedly hit 3 women including an elderly woman with the car, after which there was a dispute between Raveena and the women. Now a CCTV footage has surfaced, in which it is being claimed that Raveena Tandon’s car did not hit any woman.

A source told News18 that Raveena Tandon got out of the car not to fight but to defend her driver. Reports claimed that Raveena was drunk, but she was not drunk either. CCTV footage has proved that Raveena Tandon’s car did not hit the women. The footage also proved that the driver just turned the car in front of the women.

What were the women doing outside Raveena Tandon’s house?
Earlier, a source told News18 that a group of women had gathered outside her house around 9 pm on Saturday night. The source said, ‘The way this matter has been portrayed is completely wrong. CCTV footage around the area proves that a group of women came outside Raveena Tandon’s house in the evening and started shouting and quarreling with the driver. Raveena Tandon joined all this only to protect her driver.’

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