Pure Magic: Kumar Sanu & Shabana Shower Rare Praise on Shivanshu for ‘Tum Mile Dil Khile’!

India's Best Dancer 3 Contestant Shivanshu's Sensational Performance Earns Praise From Legends Kumar Sanu And Shabana Azmi

New Delhi: The stage of ‘India’s Best Dancer 3′ is about to witness a captivating display of dance, music, and comedy in an extraordinary three-hour special episode titled ‘Super Hit Sunday With Sanu Da.’ The legendary singer Kumar Sanu will grace the event, where the contestants will showcase their exceptional talent by recreating the magic of Kumar Sanu’s timeless songs, infusing romance, love, and laughter into their performances. The episode will not only feature outstanding dance acts but also include appearances by Indian Idol contestants Rishi Singh and Debosmita Roy, comedians Jai Vijay and Nitesh Shetty, along with talented dancers Sanam Johar, Sushant Khatri, and the winner of India’s Best Dancer season 1, Tiger Pop, ensuring a perfect entertainment extravaganza.

Amidst the intensifying competition, the talented participants will face a new challenge in this ‘naya daur,’ where they must demonstrate their captivating dance skills. One of the most mesmerizing acts will be presented by contestant Shivanshu Soni and choreographer Vivek Chachere, who will perform on Kumar Sanu’s iconic song, ‘Tum Mile Dil Khile.’ This soul-stirring act will showcase Shivanshu’s incredible journey on ‘India’s Best Dancer 3,’ leaving the esteemed panel of judges in sheer awe.

Shivanshu’s flawless enactment of the entire song through his dance received accolades from a stunned Kumar Sanu, who described the performance as “amazing.” Impressed by Shivanshu’s act, Kumar Sanu even sang ‘Tum Mile Dil Khile’ for him. Kumar Sanu further expressed, “This Chappan Bhog truly mesmerized me with his performance. I never thought this song could be interpreted through dance in such a remarkable manner. It was an incredible act where the lyrics were beautifully conveyed through the art of dance. Even if the lyrics are not audible, people can understand the meaning. I absolutely loved Shivanshu’s super-duper performance.”

Terence Lewis, one of the judges, commended Shivanshu’s talent and stated, “Dance is a language; the difference is that there are no words. Every language has its grammar, and the way you captured its essence is amazing. The composition, choreography, and storytelling were impeccable. Your performance was beautiful, as the dance, the song, and your storytelling were all impactful. Shivanshu, you possess a sense of peace that reflects in your dance. It seems like you live with tranquility, despite the challenges you’ve faced. You have the ability to remain calm like a little Buddha. There’s a zen that dances within you, and when everything stops, your dance becomes audible.”

However, the surprises for Shivanshu did not end there. He achieved yet another moment of victory when the legendary Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi not only started following him on social media but also liked one of his performance reels on “Jhooka Hawa Ka Aaj Bhi,” which he performed on ‘India’s Best Dancer 3.’ This awe-inspiring moment has left Shivanshu truly overwhelmed.

Viewers are encouraged to tune in to witness an unparalleled entertainment bonanza with ‘India’s Best Dancer 3’s ‘Super Hit Sunday With Sanu Da,’ airing this Sunday from 8 pm to 11 pm exclusively on Sony Entertainment!

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