Pratibha Ranta’s path was not easy. Pratibha Ranta’s path was not easy: She used to message actors in search of work, now got recognition from ‘Missing Ladies’ and ‘Hiramandi’

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Actress Pratibha Ranta has succeeded in creating her own identity with her excellent acting in the film ‘Laapta Ladies’. Apart from ‘Missing Ladies’, Pratibha has also done commendable work in the recently released Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s series ‘Hiramandi’. Even though her screen time in this series was less, she has managed to win the hearts of the audience with her acting. Meanwhile, Pratibha Ranta had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar about her journey.

Pratibha Ranta, a resident of Himachal Pradesh, knew what she wanted to do since childhood. She had dreamed of becoming an actress in her childhood itself. In childhood, everyone used to call Pratibha as Preity Zinta. Actually, both Preity Zinta and Pratibha are from Shimla. Not only this, both of them have studied from the same school. Pratibha believes that her destiny had indicated her to become an actress since childhood.

Pratibha Ranta's first TV show as a lead actress was 'Qurbaan Hua'.

Pratibha Ranta’s first TV show as a lead actress was ‘Qurbaan Hua’.

Pratibha left no stone unturned in fulfilling her passion. While staying in Shimla, she used to do dance training and acting workshops. When it came time to make acting a career, it was a little difficult to convince her family, but she came to Mumbai with the help of studies. After coming to Mumbai, he started giving auditions along with college.

Pratibha has played the character of 'Shama' in 'Hiramandi'.

Pratibha has played the character of ‘Shama’ in ‘Hiramandi’.

How did I get the job in ‘Hiramandi’?
When Pratibha was asked if there was any story behind getting work in ‘Hiramandi’? On this Pratibha said- I had completed the shooting of ‘Laapta Ladies’. After this I could not do any work.

So I waited for the right thing. When the offer of ‘Hiramandi’ came, I accepted it because working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali is every actress’s dream.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali called magical
Pratibha tells that she was nervous when she went to the shoot on the first day, because she had heard about Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s strict nature regarding perfection. Pratibha said- During the shooting of ‘Hiramandi’, when Sanjay Sir was on the set, everyone used to do their work with utmost perfection, being afraid of him. The creative level of everyone was very high.

Sanjay Sir’s way of working is very different. No matter how big an actor he is, when someone works with him, he has to surrender himself to him. Everyone has to follow their vision.

Pratibha Ranta with Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao and the team of 'Laapta Ladies'.

Pratibha Ranta with Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao and the team of ‘Missing Ladies’.

The shoot of ‘Missing Ladies’ was postponed because of Pratibha
In those days, Pratibha was doing the TV show ‘Aadha Ishq’, meanwhile she had given an audition for ‘Laapta Ladies’. When she got the job in this film, the shooting of the film was going to start soon, but Pratibha could not leave the show without completing her shoot. When he told this problem to Kiran Rao, he postponed the shooting of the film for Pratibha.

'Missing Ladies' Pratibha Ranta plays the character of Jaya.

‘Missing Ladies’ Pratibha Ranta plays the character of Jaya.

Pratibha said Aamir sir and Kiran ma’am are very nice people. Both of them are very professional. He knows how to make someone feel comfortable if he has come for an audition. When Pratibha went for the audition, both of them supported her a lot.

Pratibha used to message actors on Instagram
Pratibha said, ‘I was very smart in my work.’ After coming to Mumbai, she used to send follow requests on Instagram to all those people whose bio had actor written in it. They used to take her help and everyone used to help Pratibha thinking that she was an innocent girl from Shimla. Pratibha’s hard work paid off and after continuously auditioning for 6 months, she got the job as a lead actress in the TV show ‘Qurbaan Hua’. This was Pratibha’s first show, it gave her some recognition.

Pratibha Ranta has also taken dance training.

Pratibha Ranta has also taken dance training.

Pratibha spoke on Starkids and nepotism
When asked about Starkids and nepotism, Pratibha said that she believes in destiny. He believes that only he gets what is written in his share. Giving an example, she said- I got the role of ‘Jaya’ in ‘Laapta Ladies’. It was in my destiny, no one could snatch it from me, because they had been auditioning for the role of Jaya for a long time. In the end I got that role. That’s why I only believe in luck.

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