Natasha was dancing in the gym, people got angry after watching the video, said- why did you do the drama of divorce with Hardik?

New Delhi. All is well between Bollywood actress Natasha Stankovic and cricketer Hardik Pandya. After this news came, fans breathed a sigh of relief. Because for the last several days, the rumors of their divorce gained so much momentum that people started thinking that all this is true. But, both of them kept silence on this matter. However, people want to know why they did this. After the news of divorce broke, a video of Natasha is going viral, in which the actress is seen dancing in the gym. As soon as the video went viral, Natasha became the target of trolls.

Natasha Stankovic is very active on social media. Natasha, who first made headlines for removing the surname ‘Pandya’ from her name and then for keeping silent on divorce rumors, has been targeted by trolls in a video that is going viral.

While some users are happy after watching the video, there are some who are trolling her by asking questions. One user wrote- ‘Why did she do so much drama about divorce with Hardik?’ Another wrote- ‘As soon as she came to know that she will not get anything from the property, she came on the line’. Another wrote- ‘She wanted 70% of the property, right…’ One wrote- ‘Were you not getting attention from your husband that you had to sympathize with the divorce rumours’.

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