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New Delhi: Jeong Gu Won( Song Kang) is an arrogant self obssesed demon, who cannot bear humans and their ways. Do Hee(Kim Yoo Jung) is a smart businesswoman and the CEO of her company, and has no time for the frivolities of life.

The two meet and it’s hate at first sight, until one day when Gu Won saves her from an attempted murder, it seems their fates are entwined.

 The fantasy romantic thriller” My Demon” which started with great promise, sadly buckles under its expectations.

Jeong Gu Won is a 200-year-old Demon who makes deals with humans who would do anything to save their souls at the moment. However, meeting Do Hee spells trouble for Gu Won because he ends up losing his powers and then finds himself in a contract marriage with her as well.

Do Hee’s life is far more complex than the devil’s plans, she is caught in a war of inheritance among the children of the matriarch Joo Cheon Sook( Kim Har Sook) who had adopted Do Hee. There is also a killer on the prowl, who wants to kill Do Hee.

So we get the familiar trope of a bickering couple who fall hopelessly in love and are willing to defy the forces of nature. In this case, it’s Gu Won’s past and his actions in the present which can have serious repercussions on the couple’s future. Their issues are offset by jealous love interests and a deranged killer. The writing gets a bit lazy, and what could have been a fun rom becomes a dawdling affair. There are some aspects of the story one could have done with some explanation, the story between Cheon Sook  and her children. The track one could have done without was the love affair between the personal assistants which is  annoying to say the least.

The one aspect that saves the show is Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung’s scorching chemistry. The two leads are comfortable and natural on-screen and are styled to perfection. The emphasis on cashing in on their good looks is so strong that very often one gets distracted by their chic wardrobe rather than the drama playing out onscreen.


The production is on point, with lavish sets in a monochrome palette, as well as the ensembles sported by the cast with occasional vibrant splashes of green, red and pink.

Where To Watch : Netflix 

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