‘Munjya’ Movie Review: Combo of comedy with horror

The production company Maddock Films has understood very well what the audience wants now. That is why since 2018, it has been continuously working on one theme and that is horror comedy. How to scare people while making them laugh and how to make them laugh while scaring them… this can be understood well after watching the fourth film of Maddock Supernatural Universe ‘Munjya’. For your information, we would like to tell you that this is the first Indian horror film in which CGI (Computer Generated Imaginary) characters have been used.

There is no doubt that the story of the film is absolutely fresh, and the acting of the actors in the film will win your heart. Despite this, there are some shortcomings in the film, which we will tell you later. Well, let us first tell you how the story of the film is. The story of the film begins in the year 1952, where a Brahmin boy Munjya falls in love with a girl Munni who is many years older than him and he wants to marry her, but this does not happen, then he resorts to black magic, in which he loses his life.

The day Munjya dies, his tonsure ceremony was held on the same day and it is shown in the film that if a Brahmin boy dies 10 days before his tonsure ceremony, he becomes a Brahmarakshas. Then ‘Munjya’ is transformed into an animated character, which looks quite scary. The story of the film comes directly from 1952 to the present. Where a Pune family is shown, in which a very timid type of boy Bittu (Abhay Verma) is shown, who lives in Pune with his mother and grandmother. You will see actress Mona Singh in the role of Bittu’s mother.

Who was Bittu’s father? What is Bittu’s connection with Munjya? Why is Munjya after Bittu? Many such questions arise in your mind as soon as the film starts, and to get answers to these questions you will have to go to the cinema and watch the entire film. The story of the film is absolutely fresh, you will not feel at all that its story has been copied from anywhere, but seeing the animated character of Munjya will definitely remind you a little of Hollywood.

Along with Abhay Verma, you will also like the character of Sharvari in the film, with whom Bittu is madly in love. Now if we talk about acting, from Abhay to Sharvari, Mona Singh, Satyaraj and all the actors have done justice to their acting. Abhay will be seen as a simple boy throughout the film, and you will like his style very much.

The music of Sachin-Jigar is very good in the film. They have woven their music in the songs of the film in a very wonderful way. Aditya Sarpotdar has also done the responsibility of directing the film very well. The way he has brought all the locations of the film to the audience through his camera is commendable. Now let’s talk about some shortcomings of the film. The first half of the film is a bit slow, so you may feel a bit bored. The second half of the film does not let you leave your seat. If you want a feel like ‘Stree’, then it does not work that way. Horror and comedy have been mixed here, but the fear factor is nothing special, its story is such that this film can be watched at least once. 3 stars for ‘Munjya’ from me.

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