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During the winter season, as the temperature plummets, humidity levels also drop, and our hair and skin lose their moisture to the dry air around us. To combat dryness, hydrate regularly with water-rich foods. Opt for lukewarm, not hot, showers and use a mild, moisturizing cleanser. Shield your skin with layers, and don’t forget the sunscreen. For luscious locks, deep-condition and limit heat styling. Embrace winter’s beauty with a well-nurtured glow.

Here are some tips shares by Ms Shweta Ghadge – Training Manage at Lloyds Luxuries Ltd. to transition your hair and skin care routine for winters.

Men Skin Care for Winter

1. Moisturizing Cleanser: Use a glycerin or cream-based cleanser for your facial and body skin to replenish lost moisture while cleansing. This gentle formula helps maintain skin hydration during the harsh winter weather.

2. Shaving Creams: Opt for glycerin-based shaving creams to deliver moisture while shaving, preventing dehydration and ensuring a smooth, irritation-free experience. 

3. Serum: Incorporate a hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer or serum into your routine to deeply nourish and boost the skin’s natural moisture level. The high potency of active ingredients penetrates deep into the skin, promoting a healthy, hydrated complexion.

4. Lip Care: Combat weather-induced dryness by using an unscented lip balm before bedtime. This simple habit helps prevent dry, chapped, and pigmented lips, especially crucial during the winter season.

5. Body Butters: Immediately post-shower, indulge in creamy body butter infused with shea and cocoa oils. This practice effectively hydrates the skin, keeping its protective barrier strong and resilient throughout winter.

6. Exfoliation: Combat the increased dead skin cells during winter with a weekly moisturizing exfoliator designed for men’s skin. 

Hair Care Routine For Men

1. Hair Wash: Lower the water temperature for hair wash to avoid moisture stripping, and switch to a coconut-based moisturizing shampoo. This adjustment ensures that your hair and scalp are protected from sensitivity and itching caused by the cold weather.

2. Frequency of Head Wash: Maintain your hair’s natural oils by using a sulfate- and paraben-free mild shampoo formulated for men. This choice prevents dryness and irritation, promoting a healthy moisture balance in your hair.

3. Conditioning: After each hair wash, apply conditioner to seal moisture into the hair shaft, preventing frizz and breakage. This simple step contributes to overall hair health and manageability.

4. Frizz-Free Hair: Combat winter frizz by using a hair serum on damp hair after every wash. This product helps retain moisture, leaving your hair smooth and frizz-free throughout the colder months.

5. Oil Massage: Nourish your dry and itchy scalp during winter with a hot oil massage using coconut and olive oils. This practice addresses issues like dandruff, scalp irritation, and flakiness, preventing hair fall.

6. Hot Tools Usage: Prioritize the use of conditioner or hair serum before styling with heat tools to prevent the loss of natural moisture. This precautionary measure ensures that your hair remains healthy and hydrated.

7. Deep Conditioning: Treat your hair to a spa treatment once a fortnight, maintaining and improving moisture levels. This deep conditioning routine is a proactive approach to overall hair health, ensuring resilience against winter-related damage.

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