Manoj spoke on the increasing divorce and drug cases in the industry | Manoj Bajpayee spoke on the increasing divorce and drug cases in the industry: Said- People of Bollywood are very open minded, but the entire industry is not bad

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Manoj Bajpayee’s 100th film ‘Bhaiyaji’ has recently been released in theatres. Meanwhile, Manoj has reacted to the increasing divorce rates in the film industry during an interview. Manoj says, if you go to Tis Hazari Court and know the divorce rate, you will understand where we have reached today. Relationships and marriages are breaking there every day.

Manoj said- Our society has adopted the trend of nuclear family and it has its advantages, but we cannot ignore the disadvantages that it has caused. You can see the result in the courts.

Manoj has reacted to being called industry people. He said- So is the industry not a part of the society? Only the people of the society are a part of the industry. When people are from the same society, then isn’t it obvious that the change in the society will be seen in the industry as well?

Earlier, there were not as many divorces in this industry as there are today. But now people here have become open-minded and do not associate themselves with any state or country, which is a good thing in itself.

Speaking about the drug addiction rumours, Manoj said, “First of all, call it the Hindi film industry. The Hindi film industry is very small. Now a lot of people need jobs in this small industry. If a person is caught doing something wrong in a corner, it does not mean that the entire industry is bad.”

Manoj said that I, my friends and co-actors in the industry are also a part of the industry. 95% of these people are honest and emotional not only towards their work but also towards their family and friends. He said- a few incidents cannot prove that the entire industry is like this.

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