Manoj Bajpayee told about his experience of buying vegetables | Manoj Bajpayee told about his experience of buying vegetables: Said- Vegetable vendors scold me when I bargain, they say it does not suit you

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Manoj Bajpayee’s 100th film ‘Bhaiyaji’ has recently been released in theatres. Meanwhile, in an interview, Manoj has revealed some interesting anecdotes from his life. He told that due to his busy schedule, he rarely gets a chance to buy groceries. Manoj says that whenever he goes to buy vegetables, he has to face scolding from the vegetable vendor.

Manoj Bajpayee gets scolded by the vegetable vendor

Manoj says that when he starts bargaining with the vegetable vendor, the vegetable vendor scolds him. The vegetable vendor tells Manoj that all this does not suit a big man like you.

When Manoj was asked whether he bargains while buying vegetables, he said- Now even the vegetable vendors scold me. The vegetable vendors tell me, this doesn’t look good sir. Then I tell them that I am just practising! In such a situation, my wife (Shabana) starts behaving as if she doesn’t know me. Actually, she doesn’t like bargaining.

My wife likes to buy second hand things- Manoj

During the conversation, Manoj told that he and his wife Shabana follow a sustainable lifestyle. They do not use plastic bags for grocery shopping but use cloth bags. He said that in whichever city they go, his wife likes to visit the shops selling second-hand items there.

Manoj said- We have a lot of cloth bags which we take with us to buy groceries. My wife loves to visit second-hand stores. Whenever we go to America, whether she buys something or not, she definitely has to visit a second-hand store. It is my job to find as many second-hand stores as possible for Shabana.

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