Malaika’s son is dating the daughter of a superstar heroine! Seeing her beauty…

Mumbai. Bollywood superstar heroine of the 90s ‘Raveena Tandon’ and item queen ‘Malaika Arora’ have created a lot of buzz in their time. Now the children of these stars have also grown up and are tasting the world of glamour. Headlines have also started coming about Malaika Arora’s son ‘Arhaan Khan’ and Raveena Tandon’s daughter ‘Rasha Thadani’. It is being speculated that Rasha and Arhaan are in a relationship. Actually, recently both the star kids were seen together in Mumbai. These two star kids were seen spending time together. Since then, the market of rumors about the relationship of both is hot. Recently Rasha and Arhaan were seen together in Bandra area of ​​​​Mumbai.

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