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New Delhi: Crown Prince Sajo Hyun (Park Ji Hoon) suffers from a personality disorder. He has an alter ego named Ak Hee, who is at loggerheads with Sajo Hyun’s introverted personality. Yeon Wol (Hong Ye Jin) whose life fell apart as a child when her father, the former king, and her mother were brutally assassinated in front of her. The little girl swears revenge on the man in this case Sajo Hyun’s father who killed her family. She trains hard, joins a group of rebels and becomes an assassin.  

However, one day she wakes up to find her memories gone and is Crown Prince’s concubine, the very man whose family she hates. But, the Crown Prince hates her and thinks she has been planted by his Ak Hee to destroy him and the Kingdom.

The ongoing K-drama “Love Song For Illusion” an adaptation of the webtoon of the same name, is a rivetingly engaging show. Though there has not been much hype about it, and one wonders”s why, it ticks all the boxes in many aspects. 

In the first few moments of the show itself, the tone is set. We see a little boy, Sajo Hyun drawing figures, swathing them in flowing silhouettes. He is belittled by his father for drawing headless men and being an embarrassment. The next scene is of a little girl, cheering on the arrival of her parents and showing off her martial arts moves. Her father with pride in his eyes, gives her a mini sword and acknowledges his daughter’s strength. The girl is Yeon Wol.  

Though the course of their life soon changes course, their childhood leaves an indelible mark on their life as adults. 

Sajo Hyun who is made the object of derision, especially from his father, who keeps him “man up,” develops serious mental health issues, resulting in a personality disorder. He is happiest at the drapery which is his refuge from the chaos of his own life as crown prince, and he’d rather design than sit in court. A royal turned fashion designer is perhaps one of the first. 

On the other Yeon Wol who is an ace fighter who believes in the equality of all genders, tells Sajo Hyun to take pride in what he takes rather than get conscious. 

The show breaks away from the typical gender stereotypes in historical narratives. 

Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Jin, hold the fort with ease with their performances and slip well into their characters. 

There seems to be a resemblance between Park Ji Hoon and Park Seo Joon if one watches closely. 

Lavishly  produced with well-choreographed fight and dance sequences, even tough 

“Love Song For Illusion “feels stretched at times it keeps you engaged as you wonder where this ill-fated relationship will lead Sajo Hyun and Yeon Wol. 

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