Legal action against Daljeet Kaur! Husband sent legal notice ater she accussed husband Nikhil for extra marital affair | Legal action against Daljeet Kaur!: Husband was accused of extra marital affair, got a reply with a legal notice – take the stuff or else we will donate it

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Daljeet Kaur and Kenya based businessman Nikhil Patel’s marriage has ended in just 8 months. Recently, the actress had accused her husband of having an extra marital affair, in response to which her husband has sent her a legal notice. He has also said that the actress should bring back her belongings from Kenya as soon as possible, otherwise her belongings will be donated.

Amidst the news of divorce, Daljeet posted a story on Instagram and made serious allegations against her husband. After this, Nikhil’s legal team has sent him a legal notice. Recently, Nikhil has confirmed this while talking to ETimes. He has said, As a common citizen of the world, it is extremely disturbing to see how different the laws of online protection are in India and globally. This is often taken advantage of by those who want cheap media attention by putting innocent children at risk through their reckless attitude.

Daljeet Kaur married a Kenya based businessman in March 2023.

Daljeet Kaur married a Kenya based businessman in March 2023.

Nikhil further said, Using someone’s video footage without their permission is illegal and negligent, especially in the case of children who are always the vulnerable party and need the most protection of the law.

Nikhil has also said that if the actress again accuses him through social media, then his team will take legal action against Daljeet. He has also said that his team has informed Daljeet that if she does not take her belongings from his house in Kenya in June, then he will donate them.

Why was a legal notice sent?

Daljeet recently posted a story in the story section of her Instagram. In the story, Daljeet was seen in bridal attire. Along with this, she wrote, What is your opinion on extra marital affair. Who should be blamed, the girl, the husband or the wife.

After this, Daljeet shared another story, in which she wrote with a picture of her husband Nikhil, now you can live shamelessly with her on social media. Your son and wife came just 10 months after marriage. The whole family is ashamed. It would be better to keep some dignity for the child. Daljeet tried to tell in the post that Nikhil is openly posting his conversation with his girlfriend on social media. For this, she has highlighted the word SM, which is probably associated with his girlfriend’s name.

What is the whole matter?

Actress Daljeet Kaur married a Kenya-based businessman in March 2023. After marriage, she shifted to Kenya with her son Jordan. Jordan is her son from her first husband Shalin Bhanot. Their marriage broke up in 2015.

Daljeet returned to India with her son 8 months after shifting to Kenya. After coming to India, she gave a hint of divorce through social media, since then the dispute between her and Nikhil is continuing through different interviews and social media posts. Nikhil has also told in an interview that Daljeet was not able to adjust in Kenya. She was missing India a lot. She talked about returning to India citing her son’s school and the very next day she packed her things and came to India. If Nikhil is to be believed, the day Daljeet returned to India, their relationship had ended on that very day.

Daljeet Kaur married actor Shalin Bhanot in the year 2009. This marriage broke in 6 years.

Daljeet Kaur married actor Shalin Bhanot in the year 2009. This marriage broke in 6 years.

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