Kangana Ranaut Slap Case; Swara Bhaskar | Kisan Andolan | Now Swara Bhaskar’s reaction on the slapping incident: said- what happened was wrong, but Kangana has also encouraged violence

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Swara Bhaskar has also reacted to the Kangana Ranaut slap incident. Swara has condemned this incident. However, she is also looking at it from another perspective. Swara said that Kangana has only been slapped once, at least there is no harm to her life. One should think about those who get lynched. Security personnel are seen beating people. Swara said that Kangana herself has justified violence through social media.

Let us tell you, Kangana Ranaut was recently slapped by a female constable at Chandigarh airport. It was revealed that the accused female constable was angry with Kangana’s statement on the farmers’ movement.

What happened with Kangana cannot be justified
Swara Bhaskar, who once worked with Kangana in a film, has a completely different opinion from her today. Swara was recently questioned about Kangana’s slapping incident.

He told Connect Cine, ‘Any sensible person will oppose this incident. It cannot be justified in any way. However, Kangana and her right wing supporters will have to understand that they have justified incidents like lynching. Therefore, now they do not need to say much about the slap incident.

Those who support lynching don’t teach me
Swara further said- Kangana has only been slapped. At least she is alive. Think about the people who are killed by the mob in broad daylight. There were people who were shot by the security personnel in the train. When riots happen, many times people are seen getting beaten up. Now those who were justifying all these incidents, do not teach me about Kangana’s case.

Kangana herself has justified the violence
Swara said that Kangana herself has supported violence many times. When Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock at the Oscar Awards, Kangana justified the incident. Kangana wrote that when someone comments on her mother and wife, she will also do the same thing as Will Smith.

Swara said that the female constable who misbehaved with Kangana has at least been suspended. Many people have died here in the last 10 years, but those who were behind this are still roaming freely.

Now read what happened with Kangana
On June 6, Kangana was leaving for Delhi from Chandigarh Airport. Then during the security check, a woman constable slapped her. The woman constable said that she was angry with Kangana’s statement during the farmers’ movement.

A video of the woman constable surfaced at that time in which she is saying, ‘Kangana had said that people are sitting in the farmers’ movement for Rs 100 each. When she gave this statement, my mother was also sitting there.’

After slapping Kangana, the accused female constable started shouting loudly.

After slapping Kangana, the accused female constable started shouting loudly.

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