IU And BTS’ V Bring A Searing Tale Of Love And Loss In ‘Love Wins All’ | Movies News

New Delhi: K-pop star IU once again gives a heart-rending and poignant track in “Love Wins All”.

Directed by “Concrete Utopia” director Um Tae Hwa, the haunting music video also features BTS’s V. The five-and-a-half minute video is a heartbreaking story of a couple on the run in their bid to survive in a post-apocalyptic future.

Bringing together two of the most talented and popular stars in K Pop, the music video which is like a short film packs in a strong and emotional message.

IU known for her poetic and moving lyrics once again brings to the fore her artistry which strikes an emotive chord with the listener and viewer.

The video starts with the image of a couple( IU and V) their faces bloodied, on the run from a mammoth object, which seems like a concrete square. As they take refuge in an abandoned building they encounter a pile of clothes, a sign that the end is near.

“Far away from Earth to Mars, will you please go with me”, her character is then asking V in sign language.She takes the camcorder from V’s character who is unable to see. The images in the camcorder are a bioscope of memories where she is a happy bride and he a groom, “I slowly film you with my memories, she softly croons, as the imminent danger is all set to strike.

“Run away from necessity”, as she gently closes his eyes from the danger facing them. Its inevitable that they don’t have a happy ending destined for them.

The video though melancholic pierces your heart as IU and V effortlessly become their characters. Nowhere do you see IU and V as two globally popular celebrities, rather than two tormented souls, facing their imminent end.

IU and V along with BTS have been perhaps some of the most socially aware artists, who have lent their art in this case their voice to socio-cultural issues at home or around them. Calling them activist artists would not be wrong, since they have through their music expressed their anguish on my incidents in the past…From mental health, and depression as well to socio-political tragedies that have befallen, they have proven that an artist is a global citizen.

IU’s album should be out soon, and she is to embark on a tour in March. V enlisted in the military in Dec 2023 and is expected to return in March 2025. 

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