‘Humare Barah’ in controversy like ‘The Kerala Story’, trailer removed within 24 hours of release, what will happen to the film?

New Delhi. Annu Kapoor is in the news these days for his film ‘Humare Barah’. The film is in the news before its release. First there was a controversy over the title of the film, after which the makers had to change the name of the film. When the controversy started regarding the film, the makers released the trailer of the film amidst the same controversy. The makers and the cast hoped that the anger of the audience would calm down after watching the trailer, but the matter got so worse that the trailer had to be removed just 24 hours after its release.

Annu Kapoor and Manoj Joshi starrer upcoming film ‘Humare Barah’ has been surrounded by a lot of controversies before its release. Recently, Annu Kapoor even shared a video and claimed that he and his film’s entire team are being threatened with death and rape. Amidst all these controversies, the trailer of the film was released and once again the matter got heated.

The trailer was released on 30 May
The trailer of ‘Humare Barah’ was released on the evening of 30 May, which has now been removed. The trailer of the film was recently released only on Instagram, but like the teaser of the film, controversy started regarding the trailer as well, after which it has been deleted from there. However, it is not yet clear why this was done. But, it is definitely true that it has not been even 24 hours since the trailer of Hamare Barah was released and now it has been removed.

Story film on a particular religion?
Actually, this Annu Kapoor starrer film is a story of a particular religion, in which it is told how women are tortured in the name of religion. They are subjected to force. They are pressured to have children.

What was in the trailer?
In the trailer released on May 30, Annu Kapoor is playing the role of a cruel husband who has 12 children, all of whom were born forcibly from his wife. Annu Kapoor’s character’s wife becomes pregnant again, and due to complications in the pregnancy, abortion is necessary, but Annu Kapoor’s character considers it against his religion. This is where the women of Annu Kapoor’s character’s family shown in ‘Humare Barah’ begin their fight for themselves and for the society.

Now people believe that the reason behind removing the trailer of ‘Humare Barah’ is the controversies surrounding it. However, no reaction has been given on this by the makers or the actors of the film.

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