Heeramandi Lyricist AM Turaz Song Controversy; Prakash Jha | Tata Ambani | The song was written in such a way that Tata-Ambani filed a case: Lyrics writer A.M. Turaz said- I was not ready..Prakash Jha said- you will write it

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Lyrics writer A.M. Toraj, who gave music for films like Heeramandi, Padmavat and Bajirao Mastani, once wrote a song that created a ruckus. He wrote a song for Prakash Jha’s film Chakravyuh, due to which the country’s top business families filed a case against him. A.M. Toraj was not ready to write this song, but he agreed after Prakash Jha persuaded him. In an interview given to Dainik Bhaskar, he told some interesting things.

He came from Muzaffarnagar and became a famous lyricist of the country
While interviewing A.M. Toraj, we were first interested to know about his name. He said, ‘Aas Mohammad is my original name. Toraj means one who gives up his identity. So the full name is Aas Mohammad Toraj. Since this name is very long, thinking that it will take up more space in the credit roll, I shortened it to A.M. Toraj.’

AM Toraj, a resident of Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, came to Mumbai at the age of 19. His family was a landholder. They told him to study and do farming. Toraj wanted to do something different from the world. He was also very upset seeing the crime in his area.

He was fond of reading and poetry since childhood. He used to go to mushairas with his father. His father is also very well versed in Urdu. However, he did not want his son to make it his profession in future. Watching TV was considered a crime in Toraj’s house. He used to secretly go to other people’s houses and watch TV. When his father came to know about this, he used to scold him.

However, with time, he realized that it would not be right to keep his son for too long. He then said that whatever you want to do, we will support you. With his father’s consent, Toraj came to Mumbai. For one and a half years, he also kept getting expenses from his father.

A.M. Toraj has written songs for around 50 films.

A.M. Toraj has written songs for around 50 films.

I came to Mumbai without any thought and spent one and a half years in comfort
A.M. Toraj said, ‘I had no one of my own in Mumbai. I did not even know where I would stay. I got down at Mumbai Central Railway Station. A taxi driver dropped me near Mohammed Ali Road. I stayed there for one and a half years. I was getting money from home, so I became a bit lazy. I used to stay awake all night and sleep all day. I started getting lazy, but I did not stop writing during this time. I used to write something or the other every day, because in the end I had to become a writer.

However, one day I realised what I was doing. I thought that this is not how things would work. I would have to leave home and work hard. First of all, I stopped asking for money from home. Then with the help of some friends, I started going to film shoots. There I started getting small roles like standing in the crowd. This helped me earn a little money, which also covered my expenses.

Toraj further said, ‘Relationships started forming after I got into acting. People came to know that I was more inclined towards writing than acting. Seeing my ability, I was first given the responsibility of writing dialogues for ETV serials.

After this, the doors opened up for me. I met Ismail Darbar’s cousin Iqbal Darbar (music director). Through him, I got the work of writing lyrics. I became an associate with him. He got his first film, Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana. I have written the songs for this film, so this became my first film as well.

I once wrote such a song that a case was filed
A.M. Toraj was sued because of a song from the film Chakravyuh. The country’s top business families sued him because of this song. Talking about this, Toraj said, ‘Prakash Jha sahab called me and explained the situation. I was a person who used to write poetry and delicate songs. I told Prakash ji that I can’t do this. He said that only you can do it.

Then I wrote a song which some business houses did not like. They filed a case against us. This case went on for two-two and a half years. This was not the right time for me. My father also got angry with me.

The film Chakravyuh was released in 2012. The film was directed by Prakash Jha.

The film Chakravyuh was released in 2012. The film was directed by Prakash Jha.

I went to Saudi and understood the meaning of Khalibali, then wrote a song on it
Toraj also told interesting things about a song from Padmavat, Khalibali. He said, ‘I often go to Saudi for Mushaira. A word is used there – Khalibali. When people there are not interested in something, they use this word.

Getting inspired from there, I wrote a song with this word. The meaning of this song in the film was that a king who has no interest in his kingdom is just in love with someone. He has no concern with what is happening around him.

Let us tell you, this song was filmed on Ranveer Singh who played the role of Alauddin Khilji in the film.

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