‘He was short-tempered, I was very scared of him’, how was his relationship with his father Feroz Khan? Fardeen Khan reveals the secret

New Delhi. Fardeen Khan started his acting career in the year 1998 with the film ‘Prem Aggan’. This movie was written by his father Firoz Khan. He also directed and produced it. Recently Fardeen Khan spoke openly about his relationship with his father Firoz Khan. He also told that his father was not very expressive and he was also afraid of him.

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Fardeen Khan revealed that he was not fully prepared for his debut film ‘Prem Aggan’. He said, ‘I was definitely not prepared for my first movie. Also, working with my father, who has a larger than life personality, I was very intimidated by him. Although he was a generous kind of person, you would never want to mess with FK. Some of my friends used to call me FK but when he was around, he would say that there is only one FK.’

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