Farah Khan spoke on the star culture dominating Bollywood. Farah Khan spoke on the dominant star culture in Bollywood: ‘Crores of rupees are spent on the team of stars, this should be changed so that the producers save money’

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Filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan has talked about the star culture dominating the film industry. He has also talked about the changes that have taken place in the film industry in 20 years.

He also raised questions on the exorbitant demands of the stars and said that this puts a lot of burden on the producers because crores of rupees are spent on the stars’ team.

Farah said in an interview, ‘The budget of the film increases because the stars demand it. A team of nine people comes with an actress, eight more people come with an actor, this is a waste of resources. The film does not benefit from the money spent on these people.

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif worked in Farah's film 'Tees Maar Khan'.

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif worked in Farah’s film ‘Tees Maar Khan’.

Farah further said, ‘The one day charge of the spot boy accompanying them is Rs 25 thousand, the one day charge of personal security is Rs 15 thousand and the one day charge of the stylist is up to Rs 1 lakh. In this way, the per day costing of a star is Rs 20-22 lakh, so if the shooting of the film continues for 70 days, then an extra cost of Rs 15-20 crore is spent on the stars. This should be reduced. All this weighs heavily on the producers. I want this to change in Bollywood.

Now no one can eat anyone’s money: Farah

Farah Khan also talked about the good changes that have come in Bollywood. He said, ‘The good thing is that the industry is already organized now. People come on time. All contracts are fair, no one can eat anyone’s money. The bad thing is that earlier the industry used to run on relationships, so if I wanted something, I could talk to the actor directly, but now it is not so. Now I have to first meet the manager’s sub-manager, then the manager, then the agency. Everything has become very clinical. Due to this, mutual relations between people have not survived.

Farah has made three films with Shahrukh Khan.

Farah has made three films with Shahrukh Khan.

Farah has directed four films

Farah Khan has choreographed in more than 80 films in the last three decades. Farah, who has won 6 Filmfare and one National Award, has also directed 4 films in her career. Out of these, three films were hits.

Farah, who made her directorial debut with the film ‘Main Hoon Na’ (2004), has directed films like ‘Om Shanti Om’ (2007), ‘Tees Maar Khan’ (2010) and ‘Happy New Year’ (2014).

He also received the Filmfare Award for Best Director for ‘Main Hoon Na’. She debuted as an actress through ‘Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi’ released in 2012.

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