‘Everyone is doing it, why not you?’ When the famous actress was stunned to hear the makers’ words, she has been away from the screen for 11 years

Mumbai. Many actresses in the film industry have undergone cosmetic surgery either on their own or on someone’s advice or under pressure from the makers. Many actresses revealed this after a long time. Or it was visible in their physical appearance. Actress Sameera Reddy was also pressured by the makers to make physical changes. However, the actress ignored the pressure to apply filters and undergo surgery and rejected the makers’ demands or advice. She decided to stick with her original look.

Sameera Reddy said in an interview to Hindustan Times, “I was at the top of my career when I was pressured to get breast augmentation. Many people kept saying, ‘Sameera, everyone is doing it, why not you?’ But I did not want any such change in myself. It is like you are hiding a flaw but it is not a flaw, it is the way of life.”

Sameera Reddy has turned 45. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @reddysameera)

Sameera Reddy further said, “I will not judge anyone who wants to get plastic surgery and botox, but for me, being internally fine is enough.” Sameera has expressed happiness over her increasing age. She does not try to hide her age. Fans also praise her for this. Sameera also talked about her age.

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