Controversy over Gajendra Chauhan’s statement on Payal Kapadia, Vijay Verma got angry, shared a meme and said- ‘It was time to remain silent…’

New Delhi: Veteran actor Gajendra Chauhan has worked in many films and serials, but he gained popularity from Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Mahabharata’. He played the role of Yudhishthira in it. He was in a lot of controversies when he was made the chairman of Pune-based ‘Film and Television Institute of India’ (FTII). At that time, many students of the institute had questioned his appointment and protested fiercely. One of those students was Payal Kapadia.

FTII had taken strict action against many students including Payal Kapadia. The institute stopped their grant and also filed a case. As a result, the filmmaker is still having to make rounds of the court. Now when Payal Kapadia’s film ‘All We Imagine is Light’ won a big award at Cannes, FTII praised her by calling her its alumnus, but Vijay Raj, Ali Fazal and many other stars did not like her double standards.

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Gajendra Chauhan’s statement attracted attention
Gajendra Chauhan congratulated Payal Kapadia in his latest statement to PTI. He said that he is proud to have been the chairman of the institute when the filmmaker was a student of FTII. Vijay Raj has posted a post on Instagram story regarding the comment of former FTII chairman Gajendra, which makes it seem that he is angry with him.

What is the root of the dispute?
Vijay expressed his displeasure in his own way. He shared a meme, which reads- ‘Got insulted?’ Then he further said- ‘Sir, this was the time to keep quiet.’ Since Payal has won the ‘Grand Prix Award’, FTII is calling her its alumnus. People are criticizing the institute and Gajendra Chauhan. Let us tell you that when Gajendra was the chairman of FTII, Payal Kapadia, along with other students, had protested against his appointment. She had stopped going to classes in protest, due to which her scholarship was stopped. But, when her film ‘After Clouds’ was selected for Cannes, FTII changed its attitude and supported her.

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