Captain America Chris Evans Birthday Interesting Facts | The Avengers | Chris Evans was not ready to become ‘Captain America’: Married twice in a week, also remained in controversy by giving autograph on missile

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Actor Chris Evans, popularly known as Captain America, is celebrating his 43rd birthday today. In 2022, People’s magazine declared Chris the world’s sexiest man. Chris entered the world of superheroes with the film ‘Fantastic 4’ released in 2005. Chris worked in Marvel’s film ‘Avengers’. Captain America is called the first Avenger of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Born on 13 June 1981 in Boston, Chris Evans’ father is a dentist while his mother Lisa is an artist director. Chris’ full name is Christopher Robert Evans. Chris, who earned worldwide fame by playing the character of ‘Captain America’, had initially rejected the offer of this role.

In 2022, Chris married his girlfriend Alba twice in a week. Chris was also in controversy for giving autographs on an object resembling a missile.

Chris became Captain America at the behest of his mother

Chris had refused to play the role of Captain America. If he had not followed his mother’s advice, the public would probably have seen someone else in the role of Captain Rogers today. Chris Evans’ mother told a magazine – Chris was afraid of the pressure of becoming famous. His biggest fear was losing his freedom after becoming famous. He used to say that if I make a career in this, then I will not be able to live my life freely. Now when I take my dog ​​for a walk, no one recognizes me. No one runs after me. I go wherever I want to go. Losing all that is very scary. I told him that if you like acting, then all this is a part of it from which you cannot run away. Then he agreed to this role.

Chris got married twice in one week

Chris Evans secretly married his girlfriend Alba Batista, who is 16 years younger than him, in 2022. Not only this, within a week, Chris married Alba again in Portugal. Actually, Alba’s family was unable to attend their wedding in Massachusetts. That’s why Chris Evans and Alba got married again.

Chris was also in controversy by giving autograph on the missile

A few days ago, a picture of Chris went viral on social media. In which Chris was seen giving autographs on something that looked like a missile. Many people started criticizing Chris for this. Then on May 31, 2024, Chris Evans shared the same picture on his social media account which had gone viral.

While sharing the picture, Chris wrote- This photo was taken during the USO tour in 2016. I went to this place with some actors, musicians and athletes to express my gratitude to our service members. The thing I was asked to sign is not a bomb, missile or any dangerous weapon. It is just a kind of object that is used only for training.

When Chris talked to his mother about virginity

In 2017, Chris talked about his mother Lisa Capuano in an interview and told how ‘cool’ his mother is. Chris said- My family is very open-minded about many things. My mother is a very cool lady. So cool that when I lost my virginity, I ran home and said- I had sex. I don’t know what I was doing.

Chris Evans has a total of 9 tattoos on his body

Chris has a total of 9 tattoos on his body. He has got a tattoo of ‘Loyalty’ on his shoulder, which is quite famous. He has got the ‘Kanji’ symbol on his right arm. His third tattoo is on his rib and the fourth tattoo is on his chest. The fifth tattoo is on his left hand in which the sign of ‘Taurus’ is made. The sixth tattoo is on his right ankle, in which he has got ‘SCS’ written. This alphabet has the names of his siblings.

The seventh tattoo he has got on his arm is the logo of ‘Captain America’. The eighth tattoo he has got on his chest is an eagle. Apart from this, the ninth tattoo is below his neck, in which he has got a quote written.

Chris changed his phone after 7 years

Chris shared a post about changing his phone.

Chris shared a post about changing his phone.

Chris, the owner of assets worth more than 900 crores, changed his phone after 7 years. In 2022, Chris posted on Instagram that his phone had broken down. He is changing his iPhone 6s. He will miss the home button of this phone a lot. He had become accustomed to this phone for the last several years, but now it is no more.

I accidentally shared my private photo

In 2020, Chris accidentally shared a picture of himself on Instagram story, in which his private part was visible. Since then, Chris started trending on social media. Chris shared that picture with a photo collage of his face. At that time Chris was playing Heads Up with his friends. However, it was immediately deleted from Instagram.

Chris’ experience of playing Captain America

Chris has played the role of Captain America for more than 10 years. During an interview, Chris said that when you play a character for such a long time, especially when it is a character like Captain America, it is not possible that it does not affect your personality. That character also affects your real life.

Chris said- Now when he thinks of doing any difficult task and he feels that it will not be possible, then the character of Captain America gives him courage and he gathers courage to do every difficult task. He told that he will be seen once again as Captain America in ‘Avengers Secret War’.

Chris shared a touching story from his life

Chris Evans’ name is counted among the actors who do charity. People consider him a very kind actor. He is very attached to his dog. Chris talked about his bond with his dog Dodger. He told how he rescued Dodger. Chris said that when he saw Dodger for the first time, he felt that he had an old connection with this dog.

Chris Evans with his dog Dodger.

Chris Evans with his dog Dodger.

Chris told that the shooting of his film ‘Gifted’ was going on. In which a scene was to be shot in an animal shelter. There were dogs in the shelter home which people adopt. Then Chris’s eyes fell on Dodger. As soon as Chris saw Dodger, he decided to adopt him. He had told everyone that Dodger will not live here anymore. Chris sleeps with his dog and works out with him.

Chris posted this photo on Instagram.

Chris posted this photo on Instagram.

Chris bathes his dog twice a week. He says that bathing him from time to time keeps his dog healthy. Chris says that when he returns from shooting tired, he is most happy thinking about meeting Dodger. He loves spending time with his dog. Chris has loved dogs since the beginning. Even before meeting Dodger, when he used to go for shooting for Avengers, he used to play with the dogs present there.

The US President gave a gift to Chris

Chris Evans recently met US President Joe Biden. This meeting proved to be very memorable for Chris. In fact, when Chris met the President, he gave him sunglasses as a gift. Chris expressed his happiness. On this, the President said that he is a fan of Chris. Chris met the US President during the promotion of his website ‘A Starting Point’, where Biden himself welcomed him.

Talking about Chris Evans’ upcoming projects, this time he will be seen in the action comedy film ‘Red One’. Rocky Johnson will also be seen with him in this film.

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