‘Brother bring onions…’, Sunil Dutt used to tease Saira Bano before romantic scenes, it’s a funny story


The veteran actress also opened up about Sunil Dutt’s mischievous side as she recalled how before every romantic scene in their 1976 film, ‘Nahle Pe Dehla’, he would joke about wanting to eat onions. She wrote, “He was such a comedian that whenever we had to do a romantic scene in ‘Nahle Pe Dehla’, which was a very glamorous film for me, Sunil Dutt would share the romantic shot with me but would first call his assistant and tease me. He would say, ‘Arre bhai! Hum log jaane hai romantic ki scene hai, so first of all bring a plate of good onions. Let us start the scene by eating onions.’ He was a very naughty boy!”

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