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New Delhi: It was long overdue and the BBGIRLS formerly known as The Brave Girls made a stunning comeback with a new name, new song and new label.

The quartet comprising MINYOUNG, EUNJI, YOUJOUNG and YUNA, released “One More Time” last year their first single under Warner Korea. When asked what BB stand for, it’s for “Breaking Barriers” a core message the group stands by. 

Having debuted in 2011 with the single album “The Difference”, they have undergone several changes in their decade in the industry including the departure of some of their original members.

In an exclusive  interview with Puja Talwar, talking about their comeback MINYOUNG said” It is our first time as a quartet, so there are many things to start from this time around. I am looking forward to the newness of it all, as a band of four.”

While EUNJI said a lot of thought had gone into the album-making process adding “ We put in every member’s opinion and that was very good. It is always fun to collaborate.”

Having been through their fair share of struggles in making their way in a hyper-competitive industry YOUJOUNG says this has helped them develop as a group and individuals. “As a group, we have been through the hard times together and have also spent a lot of time together as well. We also trained for a long time together. All this made us very solid as well as our relationship.”

They had their fair share of ups and downs and it was their 2017 hit Rollin’ that helped give that much-needed encouragement, and also was a key factor in motivating them in their journey. 

“Yes, we had difficulties and were at a stage of deciding whether we should even continue as a group or not. It was at that point Rollin’ became viral, we were shocked initially. Rather than expectations, we were wondering if this for real. It felt like a miracle and hard to believe. People started listening to our music more and we got called in for TV shows. At one of them, we even stood first. So that’s how we learned to process our success and everything around it”, says MINYOUNg.

So what makes them different from other girl groups?  “We know all groups put in a lot of effort in becoming successful. I think what’s different for our group is that we are very honest with each other and the public. Also, we have a very special bond with each other. So when Rollin’ became viral it highlighted our bond as well as the honesty towards our music, says Yuna

Excited to know about India’s love for K Pop the girls confess being fans of Indian curry and hope to travel the country someday. 

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