Apart from acting, Sumit Kaul is also an expert in dubbing; he has given voice to many Hollywood actors and shows. Apart from acting, he is also adept in dubbing: Sumit Kaul has given voice for many Hollywood actors and shows.

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Sumit Kaul, who has done television, web series and films like ‘Laagi Tujhse Lagan’, ‘Nazar’, ‘Tanaav’, ‘Afvaah’, ‘Article 370’, is currently appearing in the serial ‘Janani’-AI Ki Kahani’ being aired on Dangal TV. Playing the character of Paresh Parmar. Apart from this, Sudhir Mishra’s period web show is also being shot in Lucknow. Apart from acting, Sumit Kaul is also adept at dubbing. He has lent his voice to many Hollywood film stars.

Conversation with Sumit Kaul on personal-professional front:

Question- What is the story of ‘Janani’ and your character?
answer- The story of the show is of a mother and daughter. The daughter has suffered from a fatal disease, which may result in her death. The mother wants to save her daughter’s life in some way. He gets possibilities in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. The core of the story is how a mother uses AI to save her daughter. In this, my character is of Paresh Parmar, who is a genius scientist and very ambitious.

He wants to use science not for the welfare of people but to fulfill his ambitions. His thinking is that those who are highly mentally capable should rule the world. He is very crazy about this thing. He is so engrossed in fulfilling his dream that he has lost touch with reality and humanity.

Whatever situation occurs in his life, he is able to look at it from only one perspective whether this situation will be of any use in fulfilling his dream. If yes then it is correct otherwise it is of no use. The girl’s mother works in Paresh’s lab.

She had been a very accomplished scientist, but after some time, she left work and devoted her life to raising her daughter. Now she has returned to the same work to save her daughter’s life. She manages to do many things which Paresh is struggling to do. This makes Paresh kind of angry, he becomes a problem for her because of this. In a way, my character is like a fox.

Question- You are also a great genius in real life, however, how different are you from your reel life character?
answer- In the beginning I had asked myself this question also. When I play a character, first of all I try to find it within myself, because if I create it externally, it will look artificial. Ambitious Paresh Parmar was struggling for a long time to find himself.

I was finding it difficult because I could not see Paresh’s form inside me. One day realized that we all have dreams in our life. How many of those dreams come true? One of my many dreams was to become an actor. Being a Kashmiri, I am normally concerned with the professions like doctor, engineer etc.

No one thinks that he will become an actor. Most of the people were found saying that where are you going, it is of no use to you. No one in our entire family has ever done this, how can you do it? As soon as I entered the acting profession, I was told that I want to work in Indian cinema, but I don’t look like an Indian. When I started theatre, the back stage was kept because Urdu was not clear.

When I improved my Urdu, I was told that my voice was weak, how would I become an actor. In this way, all kinds of people are trying to convince you that your dream cannot be fulfilled. Despite this, he was so influenced by the dream that he could not think beyond it.

I realized that I was so engrossed in my dreams that no matter what people said, it didn’t matter. In that sense, I am similar to Paresh Parmar. Yes, I never thought of harming anyone, but no one was in front of my dream.

What special twist is going to come in the story of the serial?
The funny thing about television is that the story keeps taking turns. The specialty of our producer Mrinal Jha and writer Abhigyan Jha’s making is that there is some exciting twist in every second-third episode. So far, the audience has seen that Paresh Parmar has become suspicious that Ira Sharma (Mouli Ganguly) has stolen the robot from his lab. She is separately doing some better work on the robot. But Paresh doesn’t want to let this happen. Paresh will now think of creating more obstacles in Ira’s life.

Mouli Ganguly is playing the character of Ira Sharma. Tell us something about him that very few people know
His will power is very strong. When they decide to do something, they stick to it despite difficulties. She doesn’t want to be separated from others, but if everyone is going in the same direction, she doesn’t want to go in the same direction.

She doesn’t gossip. They work as far as they can, not just for profit, but for the satisfaction of profit. She is very clear about things in her life. He is spiritually minded, we talk about this a lot. Like children, they are curious to know and understand small things. I like these things about his nature.

You are rich in voice. These days you are doing something on the voice front, then what is that?
There are a lot of things going on regarding sound. There are shows in English or other languages ​​that come on OTT, when they are localized and dubbed in Hindi, I have been a part of many such projects. These have been my two favorite shows recently. In one show called Ripley, the voice of Andrew Scott and the other in a show called Poacher, the voice of Roshan Mathew has been dubbed in Hindi and English. Getting a lot of appreciation for this.

Apart from this, till now Vysing has given voice for a total of about 200 big and small shows and films. I am the official vice president of comedian actor Adam Sandler. In the world of vice, one gets the opportunity to do different things. Currently, apart from a Hindi and a Malayalam theatrical release film, there are two OTT shows for which I am dubbing. Currently, two-three shows are running on Discovery, where I do video and am also the narrator and host.

What’s special going on in real life?
In sports, I am very involved in badminton. Play state and national tournaments. This is something different from my work, which I am enjoying doing. My daughter has finished her 12th studies, now she is going to study in college.

As a father, I am happy and also worried about how to plan things for her so that there are minimum obstacles in her life, because now she will travel away from us for studies. He is an important part of our life. I am a little excited and a little nervous too. I meditate regularly for peace of mind.

In which field does your daughter want to make a career?
He likes acting, hence he is inclined towards acting. Along with acting, he has a lot of interest in writing. At present his hobby is writing children’s stories. She wants to write children’s stories. He is proficient in English. Wants to study Honors and Creative Writing in English. Along with this she also wants to do theatre.

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