Anurag Kashyap used to get death threats: said- I mistook another director for beating me, my daughter was also attacked

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Anurag Kashyap recently told during a podcast that he has received death threats many times. This is because Anurag expresses his views in a very frank manner. He does not have any kind of fear. Anurag says that threats were given not only to him but also to his daughter.

Anurag had talked about his experience with the industry in an interview given to Unfiltered by Samdhish. He had told that these were not just threats on social media, but real threats. Due to this, he had to demand police security from the government. Once, the miscreants had mistakenly caught the director of the film ‘Bhediya’ Amar Kaushik instead of Anurag. Anurag says that he has received threats not once but many times.

still getting threats

Anurag told that he still gets threats. Not only on the internet, he was also given physical threats. After this I got police security when I was shooting ‘That Girl in Yellow Boots’. Because I had said something about Raj Thackeray. MNS was threatening me. They killed a man in a train, thinking that it was me. But that was Amar Kaushik, who has directed the film ‘Bhediya’.

Anurag said that he was never attacked directly. But he used to get a lot of threats. He said that their way is very different. They are very smart. They will not attack you directly. They spend time with you. They know everything about you. They attack your weakness after knowing it. Those people had attacked my daughter.

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