Anupama: Dimpy-Titu and Shruti-Anuj’s wedding will happen in the same mandap! Anupama will be heartbroken

New Delhi. JaiAs we had already updated you that Anupama still loves Anuj but she does not want to bring him in her life because he has already become someone else’s love. After knowing Anupama’s feelings, Anuj gets upset and he wants to stay with Anupama at any cost. Now an interesting twist is going to come in this romantic story.

In the new precap video that surfaced, it was seen that Anupama is going to make a grand entry in Dimple-Tapish’s sangeet ceremony. She will attend the sangeet ceremony with Anuj. As shown in the video, Anuj goes to Anupama’s house to pick her up. There he is mesmerized by Anupama’s beauty. He tells that Babuji had asked him to pick both of them up, so he has come there to pick them up. Anupama is unable to refuse him and she goes with him.

Shruti got worried when her phone was not answered
Further in the video clip, it is shown that Shruti is continuously calling Aadhya and Anuj but both of them are not able to pick up her call. In such a situation, she gets very upset. She says that Aadhya is neither calling nor replying to the phone. What is this?

Will Shruti-Anuj, Dimpy-Titu’s wedding be in one mandap?
Now according to media reports, Shruti will come to attend Dimpy and Topu’s wedding in a restless manner. Her sudden arrival will shock the family. Anuj and Anupama will also be quite surprised. According to reports, Shruti will decide to marry Anuj in this mandap. Anuj will get into a big trouble due to Shruti’s decision. But now it will be interesting to see whether Anuj will agree with Shruti. Will he really marry her or will he tell Anupama the whole truth by speaking his heart out.

FIRST PUBLISHED : June 12, 2024, 18:42 IST

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