Anu Aggarwal On Watching Aashiqui After Her Accident | Anu Aggarwal had seen Aashiqui after the accident: said- ‘After losing my memory, I could not believe that it was me after watching the film’

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Bollywood actress Anu Agarwal got popularity from the 1990 film ‘Aashiqui’. However, this success was only for a short time because after this her life changed completely due to an accident. This accident not only changed Anu’s looks but she also lost her memory.

I saw ‘Aashiqui’ after the accident

In a recent interview, Anu talked about the changes in her life after the accident. She said, I saw ‘Aashiqui’ after the accident. My mother showed me this movie but due to memory loss, I could not relate to the film at all. I could not recognize myself on the screen. My mother kept saying that it is you but I was playing the movie again and again like a child but I was not able to understand anything.

Anu spoke on comeback

Anu said, I earned my first livelihood through modelling and then films. I am an actor. I may have been away from films for a long time but I want to act. I have started meeting filmmakers, I am also listening to scripts. If I like something, I will definitely sign a project.

Anu's look has changed a lot after the accident.

Anu’s look has changed a lot after the accident.

Anu went away from the limelight in 1996

Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal made their Bollywood debut with Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Aashiqui’. After this film, Anu did many films but none of them brought her success. In 1996, Anu distanced herself from the limelight.

After this, she had a terrible accident in 1999, after which Anu remained in coma for 29 days and lost her memory.

These days Anu is trying to make a comeback. She is reading scripts of many films. Dev Anand starrer ‘The Return of Jewel Thief’ released in 1996 was Anu’s last film.

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