Another superstar fell at the feet of South superstar, prostrated himself and cried a lot, you won’t believe the video

New Delhi. It is said that if the love and unity of the family remains, then challenges become easy. The South’s family from where not one or two but three stars came and won the hearts of the people. But, these three never let their stardom go above their relationship and the love that people see because of this brings tears to the eyes. South actor and politician Pawan Kalyan has won from Pithapuram Assembly of Andhra Pradesh. His party was successful in getting 2 seats in Lok Sabha and 21 seats in the assembly and with this historic victory, a new chapter has been added in the politics of Andhra Pradesh. When Pawan Kalyan returned to Hyderabad, he was given a grand welcome at brother Chiranjeevi’s house.

After winning the Pithapuram seat in the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections, Chiranjeevi and his family gave a grand welcome to his brother Pawan Kalyan. Seeing this love of the family, the actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan’s eyes became moist. Chiranjeevi’s son, actor Ram Charan and his wife Upasana Kamineni also gave a warm welcome to Pawan by garlanding him.

He got down from the car and hugged Ram Charan
Photos and videos of Pawan Kalyan’s grand welcome at Chiranjeevi’s house are rapidly going viral on social media. In the video, it can be seen that as soon as the politician gets out of his car, he is welcomed with a shower of rose petals. Pawan is surprised to see this, with a sweet smile he warmly hugs Ram Charan. Later, the women of the house give Pawan traditional greetings.

Pawan Kalyan prostrated himself after seeing his superstar brother
After becoming MLA, the entire Chiru family was seen dancing with joy. Along with Ram Charan, Varun Teja and Saidharam Teja were also present. Pawan Kalyan meets all the members of the family, as soon as he sees his brother Chiranjeevi coming in front of him, Pawan prostrates at his feet. He also touched the feet of his wife Surekha and bowed down to his mother’s feet and took her blessings.

Chiranjeevi shared the video
Chiranjeevi shared the video in which he tagged his brother Pawan Kalyan. He wrote, ‘My dear brother, an emotional welcome to a real life ‘Power Star’!! Homecoming of a hero! God bless!!’

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