Anil Kapoor’s onscreen mother scolded Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore supported her and handled the situation


Farida Jalal recalled that Sharmila Tagore was very protective of her on the sets as she was a newcomer and her support came in handy when she had a fight with Rajesh. The actress said, ‘I think this man is very arrogant, very egoistic. When I would ask for rehearsals, he would say, ‘How many rehearsals?’ I was new. I felt very bad. I even said, ‘How can you talk to me like this? I can ask for 10 rehearsals if I want.’ We were fighting there, so Sharmila came in between, she defended me then’. However, after the release of the film, everything got fine between the two and they became friends. File photo.

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