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The kitchen is an integral part of any household and it is often called the heart of the home. It’s where food is prepared – food that not only satiates your taste buds but keeps you healthy, nourished and in fact, alive. If you believe in Vastu Shastra, it’s important to follow some rules when it comes to the kitchen. Amy Rai, a Vastu expert from All India Institute of Occult Science and True Vastu, shares key tips as to how to plan your Kitchen for better health for all the family members. Read on.

Vastu Tips For Kitchen: Dos And Don’ts

By following the below-mentioned tips in your kitchen, you can lead a healthier life says Amy Rai. Here are her suggestions:

1. The most important point to keep in mind is the direction of the kitchen. It should be in the southeast direction as the lord of this direction is Fire. So cooking in this direction helps in the betterment of health and brings prosperity to the family.

2. If it is not possible to build a kitchen in the southeast direction, then we can build the kitchen in these directions: south-southeast, east-southeast, east, west and south.

3. The stove or burner should be placed in the kitchen in the southeast direction and the person cooking should face east while preparing food as it brings good luck and prosperity to the house.

4. Place all your gadgets like heater, toaster, and oven – which represent fire – in the southeast direction.

5. All other gadgets like the mixer-grinder and flour mill should be kept in the northwest direction for better usage.

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6. The refrigerator must be kept in the west direction for optimum usage of food kept in it.

7. Make your kitchen cabinets and lofts for storing pulses, spices and other food items facing the south and west direction for optimum usage.

8. Avoid making your kitchen sink next to the stove burner on the same slab. Otherwise, there would be an imbalance of energies and disharmony in the household because the water element is placed next to the fire. If it has already been made that way, then make a partition between the two by building a wall of marble or granite.

9. The water source and wash basin or sink should be made in the northeast direction, going towards the north or in the west direction in the Kitchen.

10. Avoid making drainage in the south direction as it disrupts the natural flow of energy and creates imbalances by draining away wealth and financial resources.

11. A very important point to keep in mind during the construction of the house is to ensure that the kitchen should not be built above or below the pooja room, bedroom or bathroom.

12. Avoid buying a house where the kitchen is in the north direction. This will lead to unnecessary expenses and cause damage to the family members.

13. Avoid buying a house where the kitchen is in the northeast direction as it is harmful to the son of the house and also results in increased food expenditure and unnecessary food wastage.

14. Avoid buying a house where the kitchen is in the Brahmasthan ( Centre of the House). This can cause health-related problems for family members.

15. Avoid buying a house where the kitchen is in the southwest direction as it leads to losses, problems and family discord. Also, avoid buying a house where the kitchen is in the northwest direction as it can again lead to losses, problems and accidents due to fire.

“Keeping these points in mind regarding the kitchen while constructing a house or purchasing a flat for yourself, you can lead a better and healthier life,” shares Amy Rai.


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